Zero TrustEmail & File EncryptionWith One Click 

Encrypt your emails directly in Gmail/Outlook and protect any file format without passwords

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How Sealit Works

Email encryption directly from Outlook or Gmail

It only takes one click with the Sealit add-in to encrypt any confidential email

File encryption for Windows OS

Sealit desktop app provides easy file encryption without using passwords

Security overview via the Sealit portal

Monitor your entire security footprint, get alerts of suspicious activity and track where your confidential information is at all times.

No More Passwords

Decrypt emails & files using the Sealit mobile app


Biometric authentication provides access in 1 second


No need to remember complex passwords to keep your data safe


5-minute onboarding

Nothing has to change

Makes compliance easy

Your team can get started in no time with our intuitive and fast self-onboarding

Continue working with Outlook, Gmail, Slack, or MS Teams - Sealit only makes them safer

Sealit helps you stay aligned with GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and other regulations

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Our Pricing Plans








per user, per month

Everything included in Business Plan

5 email encryptions per month

Unlimited email encryptions

Unlimited file encryptions

Unlimited file encryptions

Recommended for teams with over 50 members

Unlimited biometric decryption

Unlimited biometric decryption

Invite up to 3 members to join your team

Invite unlimited number of team members to join

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Advanced team management

Security analytics overview of company activities

Security analytics overview of company activities

Outlook & Gmail add-in

Outlook & Gmail add-in

File security across all platforms

File protection across all platforms

Online support center

Online support center

Audit trail

Audit trail

IMAP connection for all other email providers

IMAP connection for all other email providers

Compliance protection support - GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, GLBA

Compliance protection support - GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, GLBA

Exceptional Partnerships and Integrations






Once you Sealit – it's safe forever!

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